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1000V Insulated Non-sparking


1000V Insulated Tools

Certain working areas show 2 different health and safety risks: they show voltage tension, while the environment may have an explosive agent present (such as gases or dusts). Such areas may appear in:

• Manufacturing of batteries
• Battery repair and maintenance
• Electrical maintenance in ATEX areas.

The EGA Master Non-sparking 1000V insulated tool range provides safe insulated tools, certified according to international IEC EN 60900 standard, while assuring total non-sparking properties for ATEX classified areas. Tools are exactly the same shape and design as the high-quality EGA Master non-sparking tools, but with the necessary and adequate insulation for jobs under voltage. Manufactured in Al-Br or Cu-Be, both alloys are certified by the German Federal BAM Institution, accredited by the European Union for the approval of products to be used in explosion hazard environments.