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About Ega Master

EGA Master S.A. is a manufacturer of High Quality Tools for Professional and Industrial use located in the industrial heartland of Spain. Although originally born as specialists in Piping Tools, our company has steadily diversified into other fields offering now the broadest range for the most demanding industries such as oil & gas, mining, aerospace, automotive or civil engineering.

EGA Master is currently the only manufacturer that offers a one-stop solution for the industrial end-user with these 10 product ranges:Hand tools, Pipe tools, 1000V Insulated tools, ESD Electro Dissipative tools, Non-sparking and Titanium tools, Anti-drop tools, Tool control system, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Underwater tools and ATEX-certified Intrinsically Safe/Explosion-Proof Instruments.

All of our tools are covered by a life-time warranty against any manufacturing defects.

EGA MASTER S.A. has ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certificates, among many others and is a pioneer in the tool industry in the application of the European EFQM model of Total Quality Management. AWARDS

EGA MASTER S.A. exports nearly 90% of its production to over 150 countries around the world.

EGA MASTER S.A. holds more than 200 Patents and invests around 6% of its turnover in R&D.

Exxon Mobil, Shell, BHP Billiton, Siemens, Philips, Airbus, Coca Cola, Nissan-Renault, UN or NATO are among the companies and institutions that use EGA Master tools.


For EGAMASTER even the smallest detail is important. Nowadays it is not enough to create a first class product, one must also take care of its image and personality.

EGAMASTER, within its avant-guard vocation, has created an innovative marketing plan that places its tools on a extraordinary level of competitiveness in international markets.

EGA MASTER puts into action new merchandising concepts, promotions and incentives, thus guaranteeing a fast increasing rotation in sales turnover. A prompt , dynamic and efficient service are the result.

These global brands already trust Ega Master. Will you?

SHELL (Nigeria)

-Godfrey Ekeke-
Maintenance Planner

"EGA Master Tools are absolutely amazing tools in terms of value in safety, convenience and versatility."


-Chidi Ahamefula-
Central Tools Coordinator

"Safety is the watch word in our company and using EGA Master tools has helped us maintain taht record over the years. Using the right tool helps you accomplish your task timely and safely, and EGA Master tools have consistently fulfilled that need for us."


-Eng. Elias Valencia Delgado-
Terminals Head of Maintenance, Ep

"When you work at a Petrochemical company you are exposed to fire hazards that put at risk THE LIFE OF YOUR WORKFORCE, the most valuable assets a company has. We have therefore put our trust on EGA Master as a supplier of our Non-Spark CU-BE tools. This is due to the high quality of the tools and the wide range of products the company can offer us."


-Chantramohan Suparmaniam-
Production Manager

"EGA Master is a trusted supplier that offers us the best service in the industry. We see EGA Master as a key partner for us going forward."

Offshore Sdn Bhd-Group of Sapura Kencana Petroleum Bhd

-Mr. Azmi Mohamed-
Senior Manager

"EGA Master's service is fast and responsive. We feel well supported to find solution to our needs."

CNOOC - China National Offshore Oil Corporation (China)

-JI Liu-
Maintenance Chief

"The Non-Sparking tools of EGA Master are perfect in fine detail and craftsmanship."


-Atul Khare-
Dy. Manager

"Safety is important for us, and through EGA Master, we are able to access the safety solutions that are needed to keep our workforce safe and productive."


-Glauber Lima Fraga-

"The persistence shown by EGA Master to find a solution that would meet the customer's needs is a clear evidence of EGA Master's commitment to fulfil the needs and requirements of its customers."

Techimp Impianti S.p.A. (Italia)

"In EGA Master we found a reliable partner that helped us find the best solutions to our problems. Thanks to EGA Master tools, our productivity has highly improved, keeping at the same time our high safety level."


-Eng. Edmundo Homero Cacho-

"EGA Master's service is fast and effective. We believe that in EGA Master we have a supplier we can trust to find solutions to our needs."