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Pliers & Pincers


Combination Plier 6”, Model: CP135
A multi-purpose tool for gripping, twisting and cutting. Polished finish. Manufactured from drop-forged, heat treated steel. Heat treated flat jaws serrated for firm grip and rounded jaw section for gripping pipes, tubes uneven objects. Induction hardened cutter for cutting steel wires and a side notch cutter for clean cutting of soft wire.

Diagonal Cutting Plier 6”, Model DP136
Polished finish. Suitable for cuting medium hard wire. Manufactured from drop-forged, heat treated steel. Jaws and cutters induction hardened for longer life.

Long Nose Plier 6”, Model: LP137
Finely serrated taper nose jaws for gripping and maneuvering in confined spaces. Manufactured from drop-forged, heat treated steel. Ideal for terminal loop forming and wire manipulating. Induction hardened jaws and collars.

Bent Nose Plier 6”, Model: BN138
Polished finish. Ideal for use in areas with limited access. Manufactured from drop-forged, heat treated steel. Suitable for cutting & bending hard wires.

Carpenter Pincer 7”, Model: CP142
Made from special tool steel. Professional quality for heavy-duty use. Good wear resistance and balance. Cutting edge induction hardened.

Box Joint Plier 7”, Model: BJ139
Can be easily positioned with only one hand, jaws remain parallel at any position, like an adjustable wrench. Forged and quenched hardened body in Chrome Vanadium steel. Knurled handle. High precision body sliding mechanism guarantees perfect jaw alignment and fast positioning. Raised surface on male handle prevents jamming of fingers.